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Save Money and Earn Cash

Do you like to save money? Wish you had more money? Would you love a chance to win money, but hitting it big on a scratch-off lottery ticket seems unlikely?

Time to put that ticket-scratching nickel back in your piggy bank…

Buxbo® serves up FREE offers you can use all around town! Plus, connect with friends and family, and compete to turn up your savings and chances to win cold, hard, cash!

Download the Free App Today.

Download the Free App Today.

How it Works

Download Buxbo® and start using offers—easy! Start a Squad to make saving money competitive—fun!

Coupon Collecting

Coupon Collecting

Just open the app and Buxbo® will serve up all the fresh offers near you! See something you like? Tap it and stash it in your wallet!



Saving money just became a new way to connect! Round up a Squad, save the most money and CHA-CHING! WIN MONEY!



Tap Wallet…tap offer…show screen…save money! And all you had to do was move your finger a little bit :)

Buxbo® and Business


Small business owners gotta hustle….but luckily, Buxbo® knows all the right moves!

Is getting more traffic through your doors a goal? Would you like to get more people in on slow days? Let us take the lead on that!

Rewarding existing customers and enticing new ones is a solid strategy for maintaining a profitable business, but it’s a step that can often get lost in the shuffle. Partnering with us will make it simple.

Buxbo® can make the process as easy as tapping a few buttons. One less thing to stumble over. Contact us. We’d love to hustle with you.